Beadle Middle School volleyball
millard public schools

2019 Season

Overall Record Varsity Team: 5 - 7
Overall Record JV Team: 4 - 7 - 2

9/10 - at Kiewit - Varsity Lost, JV Won

9/12 - vs. Kirn - Varsity Won, JV Lost

9/14 at JV Westside Tournament - JV Won, Tied 2, Lost

9/17 at Andersen - Varsity Lost, JV Won

9/19 vs. Lewis and Clark - Varsity Won, JV Lost

9/24 at Liberty - Varsity Lost, JV Lost

9/27 at LaVista - Varsity Won, JV Lost

9/29 vs Papillion - Varsity Lost, JV Lost

10/1 vs Lewis Central - Varsity Won, JV Won

10/3 vs Russell - Varsity Lost, JV Lost

10/8 Varsity Tournament - Won 1, Lost 2

2019 Team

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The Varsity team got off to a strong start with serving against the Kiewit Colts. Erin Wunderlich, Rylee Anderson and Carley Bailey held the team together on the serves while Amber Aiken and Camille Renken looked good at the net. In the end, the Colts were too tough as the girls lost both games, 25-21 and 25-22. The JV team also came in strong with the serving game with the help of Reese Bouges and Lexi Hodges. The JV played a great all around team game with the help from Brynne Redding and made it all come together winning 25-15 and battling for a win 25-23.


The Varsity team started off with a strong start and huge plays from Rylee Anderson and Camille Renken big at the net. The first game was very close with the bulldogs winning 26-24 then 25-17. The girls came in with so much heart and finished as a team. In the JV game, it was a slow start and the girls didn’t have enough time to pull back into the game. Losing 25-14 and 25-15 was tough.

Westside Tournament

The JV team started off strong beating Ralston in two games 25-11 and 25-22. In game two we had the ability to play Kirn again and this time came in much better, losing 25-23 and then winning 26-24. In game 3 we played strong again winning 25-18 then losing 25-22. This took us to the gold bracket of the tournament. In this game it went three sets. The bulldogs lost 25-22 and turned back to win 25-10 taking us to the 3rd set losing 15-13. The girls played so good and made huge improvements.


The Varsity team had a slow start to the game, losing game 1, 24 to 20. In game 2 the bulldogs battled back winning 25-15 and then finally falling 15-12. The lady bulldogs bulled together with Erin Wunderlich and Camille Renken both having great games. In the JV game, Malia Fichtl came into action with HUGE serves that helped the lady bulldogs win 25-11 and 25-15. The girls played great together and showed great exciting .

Lewis and Clark

The lady bulldogs came out with a lot of heart ready to win! After losing the first set 23-25, the girls came back 25-23 and finally 15-8. Rylee Anderson and Camille Renken came in huge with the serve while Renken and Erin Wunderlich both made huge impacts at the net. The junitor varsity follwed suit and were ready to go but fell short in game one 21 - 25. The bulldogs came back ready to roll winning game two 27- 25 leading to game three in which the girls lost 25-11. Natalie Harms had some great serving while Neleigh Gessert made some great plays at the net.


The lady bulldogs traveled to Liberty to see if we could make a win happen. After a tough battle, we fell 25 - 17 and 25 -15 in the varsity game. With a lot of personal errors the team struggled, however, Kiaya Bennett came in strong with the passing game today! The JV team had a great start winning 25-19, but Liberty battled back as we lost game two 25-9. This took us into set three that was neck in neck. The lady bulldogs ended falling 18-20 after a great battle of a game.

La Vista

The Varsity started off with some amazing serving from Rylee Anderson. Losing set one 22-25 and coming back to win set two 25-22 took us into a third set. The bulldogs rallied and fought hard to win 15-9. Great plays were made at the net by Camille Renken and Megan Kopocis. The JV game started off with great energy too. However, they lost 20-25 in set one and came back to win 25-21 sending us into another third set. The bulldogs fought hard but ended up losing 15-9. Lexi Hodges, Norah Gessert, Neleigh Gessert and Leah Pickhinke all make a huge impact at the net!


The varsity team started out slow, but finally battled back for a great game. Although the varsity lost in two sets; 11-25 and 20-25 there were some great plays made. Carley Bailey and Chloe Teter both had great games with a ton of effort. The JV started off with a great start and played tough but in the end fell 21-25 and 26-28. Kennedy Cahoy helped hold the team together and made some great plays.

Lewis Central

The bulldogs came to the court with a ton of heart and passion! The varsity team started off strong with amazing serves from Carley Bailey and Megan Kopocis and huge plays at the net from Camille Renken and Amber Aiken. This lead the girls to win 25-21 and 25 -20. The JV team started off with the same momentum winning set one 25-18. After falling in set two 16-25 the lady bulldogs had to rally. Reese Bouges and Kennedy Cahoy made huge impacts on the game and helped the bulldogs win set three 15-11. It truly was a fun and exciting game!


This game was truly full of heart. With great serves from Carley Bailey and Rylee Anderson, along with awesome net play from Camille Renken and Amber Aiken, the bulldogs fought hard against Russell. In the end, the bulldogs lost set one 18-25, won set two 25-19 and finally fell in set three 15-9. The JV came out with a ton of heart too! Malia Fichtl, Reese Bouges and Brynne Redding had a great serving game while Leah Pickhinke and Kennedy Cahoy controlled the net. The bulldogs started with a loss of 24-26, then a win of 25-23 and finally a loss of 15-12. Throughout the season we have seen great improvements from the JV team and can't wait to see what our 7th graders will bring to the court next year!

Varsity Tournament

With a 5th seed in the tournament,we knew we would be playing some really tough games to fight to the top. Game one was played against Lewis and Clark. We ended losing in three sets, 12-25, 25-19 and then 13-15. After a disheartening loss, we moved into playing Anderson and played great! Won in three after losing set one 23-25, only to come back and win 25-19 and 15-7. With a great attitude we headed into our final game with Fremont. We won game one 25-21, dropped game two 25-20 and finally lost 15-10. The end of the season didn't go as planned, but we had a great team that had a lot of fun and were very close. Amber Aiken and Megan Kopocis really came in big for the tournament while Rylee Anderson rocked the serves all day! Until next year.....